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for fuck's sake
I really love the once-a-year nature of our mass dates with Ken. His parents try so hard to set him up with lovely ladies but he'll never get over the one that got away...


She made him a bento, but it couldn't compete with memories of Katherine.

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Ken's Day

Every year there's Ken-related items released (except this year because GODDAMN IT) on April 1st. He's Katherine's ex-boyfriend. Most Poupee Girls like to harsh on him for being a creeper. During the school event a while ago he was in the class room, and during some other event I don't remember he was barely visible in a ferris wheel car in the background.

This year we can take a picture (puricula) with him! He's both on the map and in the puri section. There's a post in the community with a bunch of pics from the ladies.

Last year we got some cute items like the dog plush and the love letter and the ken necklace, which have messages attached to them about the kath/ken romance. You can see them in my closet! Except the dog 'cause I didn't get that LOL.

I hope I didn't tell you anything you already knew!

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