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for fuck's sake
I've been playing Pangya again. There still has not been even a little improvement in how I play. Forever a noob... It's cute and different than an RPG so I still like it. Right now there is an event going on for Hana's birthday. I haven't been able to get a 1000 base pang game or even a hope of an albatross. The goal in mind for this new account is Nell, the new character they added who might be a boy and might be a girl but everyone argues about it. I don't care if he's a trap or what. Using the free recharge offer I bought Netflix and got 8k points, so I'm going to buy the Nell model for 35,000 pang and buy the Vocaloid-like outfit I want with the points. Netflix has been great so far because my Mom can watch the season of Mad Men that she missed with no commercials. Most of the free points are scams but sometimes one of them actually works. I'm not sure how I'll get the rest of the outfit. Maybe I'll use the FTD offer and buy myself some flowers when I get back from the hospital.


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